lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

Squidoo Secrets #2a - Tags: make your lens easy to find

Today's lesson is to help you make your lens easy to find.Often overlooked in the lensmaking process are tags. When you create a lens, you are asked to choose a primary keyword(or tag) plus three additional ones. Too many people stop there. Two reasons should compel you to add 20-30 more. First, tags are search engine magnets. Because of the way tags are coded into your webpage's HTML (allwithout you having to do a thing), search engines like Google eatthem up.

Also, when users search on Google for your tags, they maynot come across your page
immediately but the overall Tag Pagewithin Squidoo. If you tag your lenses correctly, then your lenseswill be discovered this way. Second, tags are the only variable that Squidoo uses during itssearches (unless this changes in the future). When a visitor comes to Squidoo and uses the search box, theresults are determined first by the tags of all the pages, andsecond by page rank.

So even though your lens may be all about Marilyn Monroe, forexample, unless you actually have Marilyn Monroe as a tag in yourlens, you will have a hard time getting natural traffic to yoursite. Finally, as you add tags to your lens (simply click edit tags in your lens workshop to get started), Squidoo will provide goodsuggestions for more tags. Simply click those new tags and theywill be added to your list.

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