lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

Squidoo Lesson #1 - Make Your Lens Useful

Here's Secret #1: Make your lens useful.

When Seth Godin created Squidoo, his main aim was to give people
like you and me the chance to become an expert. If he could use
technology to lower the barriers of entry into the info-marketplace,
then a collaborative community could be built.

This has now happened with Squidoo.

In order to take full advantage of this, you must make your lens
useful. As Squidoo approaches 500,000 lenses, gaining maximum
exposure on this site will require you to stand out from the rest
of the lensmasters in your area of expertise.

So make your lens useful.

Direct your visitors to things that will make them trust you in the

Showcase interesting things that add value to their visit.

Create the idea in your visitor that the next time they have a
question about anything, Squidoo will be the place to look first.

Finally, make sure that what you provide is accurate. With all the
crazy stuff online, you can be a beacon of accuracy in a sea of

As your lenses become more and more useful, your visitor response
will provide votes and trackbacks (links to your site from theirs).

Until next time
Your Friend, Hector JayatInfopreneur

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