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Taking the necessary action

The Importance Of Making A Plan

Making A Plan actually relates extremely well to today's topic -
The Importance Of Taking Action! As if one does not Take Action,
and actually start working on creating their Plan....

*If you fail to plan - you're planning to fail!*)

Therefore, I feel certain we have determined together that Every Successful Marketer formulates a Plan, and that obviously the next important step to be taken is that they then must Take The Necessary Action and work on this Plan.

I am certain you would agree that they must do this?
However, the thing that often happens is that people may actually make the necessary plans, and even have several truly great ideas they have come up with they want to follow, but often, sadly, those plans may end up remaining somewhere, maybe on their computer,or even be lying on the top of their desk, maybe hidden by other items on that same desk, or be on notepaper stored away somewhere, or even still be in their heads and not yet recorded anywhere....

People dream of what they could accomplish with this plan, and how fantastic it all will be, and what a better life they will have as a result of it all...but then, sadly, they do nothing about it!

Sadly, the above is what happens with people quite often.

Mostly there is always a "Very Good Reason" why they cannot get up-and-running.
- Maybe they are short of money to get themselves started
- Maybe they don't have enough time to input
- Maybe they just have a simple lack of confidence
- Maybe they feel they have a lack of the knowledge
they believe is needed.

However, I have to let you honestly know this ...

You would have to admit that the above actually Are -
All Just Excuses!
That probably sounds a bit tough, doesn't it?
I suppose it probably does!

I am truly not trying to upset people, nor tread on anyone's toes by making that statement...
However, let me share some examples with you and see if it makes sense to you.
I am going to use those 4 reasons pointed out above - as they appear to be a few of the more popular excuses that a few people try to get through.

NO MONEY To Get Them Started

More often than not, this is mostly a very hard objection to talk with people about.
First of all - Do they truly have nothing at all to invest in their future? Aren't they already paying for their internet connection?
They do this without question, as they need/ want the Internet to use.

Is it possible they could Plan to perhaps sacrifice maybe just a few coffees etc. in order to raise some extra money to invest in their future?...
I am sure you can see where I am heading with this.

When we have a good plan - then one will generally, more often than not, find the necessary money required to get this Plan up-and-running.
HOWEVER.... More often than not, somebody will state that they have already done this and that there truly is no money at all available to them to use - that they just cannot find any!
Hey! Here's an opportunity for them to develop a Plan and explore as many free methods they can find out there that can get things up-and-running for them. It really is able to be done, but it just takes a considerable amount of extra time to do this, but this is truly time well spent if one really wants to achieve financial success online.

I suppose the next question could be is that is it worth all this effort?...
and all I can inform you is that it is really not for me to decide this.

All I can say though is that if I did have a Plan I definitely knew would head me in the direction to be able to build a successful business online, I know I would absolutely, without question, want to Take The Necessary Action in any way I possibly could, and in spite of how long it took me, in order to get me to a place where I could put this plan into operation and commence enjoying the fruits of my labour - that is, the rewards for me having Taken The Necessary Action.

They Have NO TIME To Input
There are also the group of people who have some really fantastic ideas, and they have made their Plan, but then come to realise it will take time to execute that they really don't think they have.

Once again I am going to sound a bit insensitive and tough...
Definitely, out there in the world there really are some people who just don't have any time, as they work a great deal more hours than most of us do, maybe also getting home and having to then do their household chores, or maybe even have a second, and even third job they have to go to, as well as try and find some time to sleep.

However, many of us do have the time to use the internet, having learned sufficient to put together our Plan in the first place... so, we must really actually have some time we can put aside to devote to Taking The Necessary Action on our Plan. For that reason I propose the next step required is to discover how one's time is actually currently being expended and prioritise some time for Taking This Necessary Action on their Plan.

Many of us watch TV, having our favourite shows we regularly watch, so inputting a little less TV time, as well as surfing and browsing the internet a little less, or perhaps spending less time in chat rooms or playing games... will, I'm certain, enable one to find at least a half an hour, or more, extra to dedicate to their own personal success....
I am sure you would agree?

Therefore, the next part of their Plan would be for them to Take The Necessary Action and examine closely how they are currently using their time and find how they could manage that time better!

There are a number of people out there who would really love to Take The Necessary Action... but become worried that they will not do it correctly - that they will make heaps of mistakes and stuff it all up, as they are unsure of themselves and what they can do, and unsure of whether their ideas are right at all...

I am sure we can all understand that and probably have been there too, as I have - however if they do not Take The Necessary Action at all, how will they ever know whether or not they would succeed.

Another famous quote: 'Don't get it right! Just get it going!'

It can be amended along the way if it is up-and-running.
Thomas Edison had many thousands of 'goes' at creating the light bulb, until he finally 'succeeded'. He did not fail with all the other attempts. They merely headed him in the right direction to eventual success he had been working at step-by-step all the way along.

Therefore, their best PLAN now would be to investigate if their idea really is possible, and discover if there is a market already created for their idea, and to find out how well it's doing out there in the marketplace, as well as enquiring on forums for others' thoughts and opinions.
They could Take The Necessary Action as Thomas did and take a test run with their idea and see the results...

All of the above steps will offer important feedback, and derived from that feedback their confidence would be boosted by actually knowing whether that idea worked or whether it did not work.

It is like winning the lottery. One cannot win it unless they have entered and have a ticket.
The most important thing is that they Took The Necessary Action - and, in doing so, will ultimately solve their confidence issue somehow, allowing them to move forward ....and create even more Plans and Take Even More Action.

A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE They Believe Is Needed
With any new project a certain amount of knowledge is needed just to start putting the Plan into Action. However, to not start Acting on the Plan because of a feeling of having a lack of knowledge is definitely a shame. Most of us, after all, now are on the Internet, the biggest information library out there!
The Internet is the largest library of knowledge known to man!

Therefore, with our Plan in place - the next step is to Take The Necessary Action to use the Internet to learn the required skills needed to get started.

Once again, there are many different methods for doing this.
Researching using the Internet, and finding as much information on your area as possible, then sifting through this information to glean the most relevant information.

Again there are ways and means of doing this - one would be able to spend the time required searching and studying the web in order to find as much information as possible, then filter through it all to get to the most important and helpful bits... which certainly does take time - but if one stays where they are currently at and don't Take The Necessary Action, then nothing else is ever going to happen.

There is also another way, and that would be to find a Mentor, someone to follow that has trodden those footsteps before you, someone who is where you want to be and is ready to save you all the time and great effort required for researching the information you need to know, someone who will help you Take The Necessary Action you need to take, and in the process short-cut your learning curve so that you can be hurtled more quickly towards success.

So, you see, no matter what way we look at everything
- if we desire to join the ranks of the other Successful Marketers out there who are making a good full-time living, then we must admit that this cannot be done successfully without Making A Plan and Taking The Necessary Action to implement that Plan.

I would like to put forward a closing thought for the procrastinators and/or perfectionists out there....those people who invariably find a reason why they will start 'some other time' or 'tomorrow', or because they must make sure their Plan is absolutely perfect before they start...

I was one of those and so I totally understand this.

"Nothing will ever happen until You Take The Necessary Action!"

Just think about this interesting fact...
When NASA first sent a rocket off to the Moon, it was because the President and his team had made a commitment to Take The Necessary Action to do so.

They had all created their Plans, having skilled people to help them accomplish reaching the Moon.

But still - if they had not Taken the Necessary Action of launching then they certainly would never have achieved their Plan and Goals for the Moon landing...
However, the following is actually the fascinating part ........
" 98% of their journey to the Moon was actually off-course!"

Just picture that... they were mostly off-course for most of their journey, but because they Took The Necessary Action, this enabled them to "Correct Their Course" as they carried out their journey. Can you imagine if they had waited until their Plan was absolutely perfect before they executed it and before they knew it would be 100% right.... then they would more likely than not never have Taken The Necessary Action they needed to take.

And, because they Took That Necessary Action, the rest, to coin a phrase, is history.
So, let's recap.

1. It Is Important To Make A Plan
2. It Is Important To Take The Necessary Action
In other words, it is important to get yourself going and you can 'correct your course' along the way.

If You Continue To Do Nothing, Then All You Will Get Will Be Nothing....

So Don't Be Someone Who Does Nothing -- DO Something!

Take The Necessary Action Today

Your Friend, Hector Jayat

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